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YDEES: Development of Popular Computational Tools for General Education: The Computer as Medium for Investigation, Expression and Communication for All in the School

General Secretariat for Research and Technology, E.P.E.T. II, Project No 726, 1995-1998


The first integrated R&D educational technology project funded in Greece, led by C.T.I. with the lab one of the partner organisations. It involved:

a) the original co-design between the lab and the CTI group of the E-slate platform and the development (by CTI) of the first prototype ('Opendoc' - Mac version),

b) the co-design of the mathematics and geography components (Logo, turtle, canvas, variation tool, 2-D variation tool, map), and the development of the corresponding first prototypes,

c) the engagement of five schools who established an 'investigations' course based on the use of exploratory software in their daily program progressively including 'Turtleworlds', the first E-slate microworld

d) the academic research into student collaboration and teacher practice during this course.



The five schools were: the Psychico College Primary, the Hill School Primary, the Karavanas Primary Larissa, the 4th Primary state school of Larissa, the Kalloni Primary state school at Lesbos.