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E42: "Preparation of Teacher Education Programmes for having New Practices with New Tools in the classrooms".

Teachers' Educators Postgraduate Training Programme in the Pedagogical Use of Computational and Information Technology in Secondary Education

The Odysseia Project, Ministry of Education, Operational Programme for Education and Initial Vocational Training (EPEAEK I), 1999-2000


This Project involved the creation of an institutionally original professional development Course in the University. Fifty-seven experienced teachers were seconded to the course on a full-time basis for a year and trained in carrying out school-based teacher education courses in the use of digital media in their domain. Mathematics, Science and Language teachers were involved. Their activities alternated between attending courses at the lab and carrying out teacher education practice in schools.

Academic research was carried out during the Project on the mathematics teachers' changes in the ways they perceived mathematics, mathematical teaching and learning, the use of exploratory mathematical software for learning. A theoretical perspective supported by evaluation data was articulated concerning this type of course as a systemic mechanism for infusing innovation in the educational system.