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Instructions for Proposals and Templates

Templates and Guidelines for Preparation
To prepare your Submissions (Research Reports, Best Practice Reports, Demonstration of Constructionist Media, Poster Presentations, Workshops Proposals, Performances Proposals) for reviewing you need to prepare:

Maximum number of pages:
The maximum number of pages is different for different kinds of Submissions. However, in any case, the specified limit includes references, figures, and appendices.

The separate Abstract you will be asked to submit should be one page long.

All styles in the Conference Paper Template and the Conference Abstract Template start with a “C12” indicator. Please make sure you don’t change the given styles or page formats.

File Size:
Restrict your files to a maximum of 8 MB in size.

Blind Version Preparation:
Prepare a blind version of your Submission to be sent to reviewers for recommendation.
It must not contain any author(s) identification, name(s), institution(s), references, indication of grant projects or any other information that could be used to identify the author(s). References to the Paper’s authors within the text must be indicated by ‘(XXXX, year)’.

File’s Format and File Naming:
Files should be saved in DOC format.
The filename for the blind version of your Submission should include an indication of the type of submission (RR for Research Reports, BPR for Best Practice Reports, DCM for Demonstration of Constructionist Media, PP for Poster Presentations, WSP for Workshops Proposals, PEP for Performances Proposals) and the name of the first author (e.g. RR_Holbert.doc, WSP_Kahn.doc).

The one-page Abstract should also include the word Abstract (e.g. RR_Abstract_Holbert.doc, WSP_Abstract_Kahn.doc). Note that _ is an underscore, not space.
Make sure you have saved both files on your computer before proceeding to the submission process.

Contact us:
If you have any questions or difficulties working with the Templates, please contact us at