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Constructivism(s): Shared roots, crossed paths, multiple legacies

Ackermann, E.K.

Setting Powerful Ideas to Music

Beckwith, S.

Bringing the Telecollaborative Inquiry Model to the Core of Science Instruction

Berenfeld, B.

The Principles of Educational Robotic Applications (ERA)

Catlin, D. and Blamires, M.

Stimulating different intelligences in a congruence context

Chehlarova, T. and Sendova, E.

Demystifying Constructionism

Feurzeig, W.

Bringing “No Ceiling” to Scratch: Can One Language Serve Kids and Computer Scientists?

Harvey, B. and Mönig, J.

Eight years of journey with Logo leading to the Eiffel tower mathematical project

Jiménez-Molotla, J. and Sacristán, A.I.

Constructionism: Intrinsic and extrinsic perspectives

Kynigos, C.

Reconstructing Constructionism

Noss, R.

Constructionism and Creative Movement: A Manifesto

Rubin, A., Capps, D. and Bradley, E.

Agent-Based Modeling and Complex Systems Concepts as Useful Prior Knowledge in Secondary School Science Students’ Understanding of Evolution

Scheintaub, H., Klopfer, E. and Wendel, D.

A Constructionist Approach to Teaching with Robotics

Stager, G.S.

The “computer” tells a story?

Turcsányi-Szabó, M. and Pasaréti, O.

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