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Stimulating different intelligences in a congruence context

Toni Chehlarova, Evgenia Sendova

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The paper deals with didactical scenarios on the notion of geometric congruence based on previous successful experience with using a specific model T which reflects the relations among structures, activities and intelligences (in the sense of Howard Gardner). The underlying idea is that different representations of the same object of study enable the learner to use his/her strong intelligences, and to enhance and develop the rest in the intelligence spectrum.

We present a series of problems and the response of students of different age. The learning process is in harmony with the fundamental ideas of the constructionism – it involves computer modeling of artefacts created in the best tradition of the Bulgarian folk art – wood-carved ceilings, painted ceramics, embroidery, crocheting, etc., to be presented and shared within a larger audience.

Our experience with students and teachers alike suggests that harnessing the strong intelligences of the learners enhances the understanding and appreciation component of the learning process.



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