ChoiCo updates

01/07/2020:New Features, Improvements

New Feature: The player can now download the game progress (Click Game Progress->Donwload Score)

New Feature: The system informs the player for 'bugs' in the blockly code (e.g. a variable that is not a field anymore)

Improvement: Game instructions and Game Ends pop up windows appear as 'modals' with a better design

Improvement: The option "Max no of points" is removed from the Design Mode

Improvement: Multiple UI improvements

20/05/2020:Bugs Fixed

Bug Fixed: Bug with decemical calculations fixed

Bug Fixed: Wrong position of the image thumbnail in the database cell (when the type of field is image)

19/3/2020:Bugs Fixed, Improvements

Bug Fixed: Map covered info table in small resolutions

Bug Fixed: Points lebel got hidden sometimes

Improvement: Calibration of the map and auto transformation of co-ordinaties when a game is loaded in different resolutions and screens.

Improvement: Css improvments; Larger map, smaller sidebars, larger point info table

07/11/2019: Bugs fixed, improvements

Bug Fixed: Field value was lost after changing field type from 'formula' to 'number' Bug when changing type from 'formula' to 'image'

Bug Fixed: Game didn't work if popup messages included the character "

Improvement: Games Updated

04/05/2019: Bugs fixed

Bug Fixed: User could remove Main Layer under some circumstances (designMode.js)

Improvement: Spaces in variable names are now automatically replaced with underscore (_). Special characters are automatically removed.

16/04/2019: Bugs fixed

Bug Fixed: When loading a game that uses 'Image' parameter type, the database didn't displayed the images (datatable.js)

Bug Fixed: Bug when reading the 'setDummy' option while playing (playMode.js)

25/03/2019: Bugs fixed, improvements

Bug Fixed: When I added a new database entry, it created a 'number' cell in a 'formula' type column. (datatable.js)

Bug Fixed: Commands 'setBackgroundTo' didn't work correctly for layers other than Main. (blocks.js, map.js)

Improvement: Map calibration for different resolutions and pixel ratios. (map.js, styles.js, initialize.js, playmode.js)

Improvement: Smaller pin icons on map (map.js)

Improvement: New sound options for the command "play sound" (blocks.js)

27/02/2019: New features, bugs fixed, improvements

New feature: Database columns can now be moved right or left. (datatable.js)

New feature: Database columns can now be shorted. (datatable.js)

Bug Fixed: After loading a game that uses 'random' formula in database, the numeric value after 'to' in the random formula was missing. (designMode.js)